Always know your next inventory move.

Maximize the performance and potential of your inventory in a streamlined, outcome-focused platform. With autone, a couple of clicks can translate into real business growth.

From data to decision in record speed.

Our modules are all intertwined.
An action in one immediately fuels the knowledge of another. See confidence levels for your actions in real-time, with explanations based on real-life data.

Tools built for trust.

Data isn't reliable without real-world context. Our engine factors in external data points such as the weather, FX rates, inflation, web traffic data, competitor info and consumer surveys to make our recommendations even more relevant.

Impact predictions per product

Watch your sales potential come to life. Our UI gives you visual cues for the impact your decisions make. Work with clarity, leveraging historical insights and future projections with every click.

Understanding your actions

Work from a glass box, not a black box. Every recommendation comes with an explanation in words you’ll understand, based on your sales history, stockout patterns, sizing trends, and seasonal impacts.

Control your brand’s course

autone recommends weekly actions to take based on the current state of your business.

Witness the strategic advantages autone brings in real-time.

Seamless assimilation of SKU, sales, and inventory data.

Set up strategic parameters tailored to your success.

Artificial intelligence

Human interpretation