Empathy-driven design
for real-world impact.

To say we built autone to help brands grow their profits from their inventory is only a fraction of the story.

We built autone for the tireless twenty-something-year-old merchandiser, the allocator, the planner—for those bombarded with data but starved of insights. Those who feel like they are doing a lot, but not making an impact. Because we were those people once.

It's not just about what autone does, it's about how it makes you feel.

Our founders were once assigned to what’s considered the grunt work of supply chain management, with only spreadsheets and sluggish software at their disposal.

We set out to build a platform that speaks the language of the people using it—not just the C-suite. A platform that turns analytics into actions that feel natural and intuitive. A place where retail professionals can see the ROI of their work and feel confident in their decisions. Proud, even.

It's not just about what autone does, it's about how it makes you feel. 

What sets us apart is our empathetic approach to software development.

We've seen how a well-designed tool gives back hours of meaningful work and removes the noise that clutters strategic thinking.

And yes, it does also significantly boost revenue and cut costs.

Artificial intelligence, 
human interpretation.


Tech designed to be trusted

We've taken a step back to look at what AI can really mean for our users.

Retailers sit on piles of data that can simply not be leveraged with most tools, let alone spreadsheets. autone exists to unlock its potential, to illuminate the 'why' behind the 'what’.

To us, AI is not just about automation and prediction; it's about augmentation and explanation. It's about empowering the expert within each user.

It’s not just about the black numbers.
It’s also about a greener footprint.

The future of retail extends beyond sales figures and inventory levels; it's deeply intertwined with our responsibility towards the environment. We aim to show the entire industry that selling better doesn't mean more inventoryit means smarter inventory.

We're building tools that not only optimize your operations but also help you understand the environmental impact of your decisions. So you can make better ones.

For retailers that think
‘there has GOT to be a better way.’

What autone offers is three-dimensional. It's about providing depth, context, and clarity to every piece of data. It's about enabling users to see beyond the usual suspects of bestsellers and underperformers, to recognize opportunities and pitfalls that would otherwise go unnoticed.

We’re not just building a platform.

We’re enabling people to do work that makes them proud.