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Join the ranks of top beauty brands that are harnessing autone to sculpt their inventory strategies to perfection.

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We recognize that the future of retail extends beyond sales figures and inventory levels; it's deeply intertwined with our global responsibility towards the environment. We aim to show people that selling better doesn't have to mean more inventory—it can mean smarter inventory.

Anticipate and act

Stocking your stores with products that sell is no longer guesswork. We equip you with the insights to make quick, informed and impactful decisions, ensuring your hottest products are always available when and where they’re needed most.

Strategy made simple

We empower you with the tools to turn every inventory decision into an opportunity for growth, sustainability, and efficiency, no matter the season or trend. Get verbal and visual cues on every action for maximum ownership.

Sustainable beauty

autone offers a forward-thinking approach that places as much emphasis on the health of the planet as on your bottom line. We help you understand the true impact of your inventory decisions, and make better ones.

Insight with impact

Navigate the lifecycle of beauty products from buzz to staple with strategic precision, ensuring your inventory aligns with what consumers will seek next—not what they wanted yesterday.

The price is right

Don’t depend on discounts for your products to sell. With autone your brand stocks, replenishes, rebalances and re-orders the right products at the right time, making sure they sell at the right price.

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