The right product,
the right place, the right time.

Optimize your inventory decisions, avoid stockouts and boost your sales—all from one engine powered by clarity and intuition.

Tech designed to be trusted

Turn your inventory into your superpower.

Our modules don’t just monitor inventory—they analyze, predict, and recommend. Like what you see? Check and implement in just a few clicks.

Navigate through inventory forecasts, market trends, seasonal shifts and buyer influences with unmatched precision.

Better informed actions.

Faster than ever.

Make better decisions

Our modules help you make targeted decisions. Easily see mismatches, product potential, stock levels and more.

Buy for business growth

The autone platform seamlessly blends AI-driven recommendations with the irreplaceable intuition of industry experts.

Trust and calibration

We help you implement and understand our recommendations, balancing machine intelligence and human expertise.

This is not just software. This is strategy.

Growth doesn’t happen in spreadsheets. Yes, our platform helps you automate tasks, but more importantly: it amplifies the strategic potential of your inventory.

With autone you get straight-forward recommendations about what to buy, replenish, rebalance and restock, so you can act quickly and confidently.


growth in sales

Sell more by selling the right products.
Stock up on our recommendations.


less stockouts

Never leave your customers wanting.
Ensure you can always deliver.


less manual hassle

Let your team do what it does best.
Replace routine with results.

Brilliant product, mindset and vision.

Olivier Germain, Chief Product Officer at Off-White

A fantastic platform which modernises the way in merchandising and planning teams work together.

Constance Tsatsanis, Merchandising Director at Lanvin

The most forward-thinking inventory management platform I've seen in the industry.

Arnaud Bazin, VP of Merchandising at Roberto Cavalli

autone has made our lives so much easier, and working every day with the team is a pleasure.

Elodie Monnier, Chief of Staff at Attire The Studio

autone’s in-depth knowledge of retail allied with their proprietary tech is a winning combination for brands.

Laurent Piffaut, Chief Executive Officer at Dweet

With autone, we've been able to grow our business in a strong and structured way.

Katie Cervini, Chief Executive Officer at 100ML

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